By Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson is a self employed Sydney based financial advisor with many years of experience and depth of understanding in the investment markets. The best quality advice can be provided by the best advisor available for your needs.

Retirement planning is the most important decision and process in your life.
The best advice and guidance means the difference between a comfortable retirement or a retirement trying to make ends meet.

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Let me show you how I have helped clients and improve their overall financial situation and can help you as well.

My clients regard me as the best advisor since I have solved many of their financial issues and assisted them into a comfortable retirement.      

The real world case examples in this website, will give you a good idea as to how I can assist you to improve your situation.

I work as part of a team of quality advisors, PSK Financial Services, with our great in house support on technical and specialist matters as well as our access to the Charter Financial Planning specialist technical team.

Remember:   That while the examples here are from real clients, some situations may have been simplified for ease of explanation in a website. Your own circumstances may be quite different.

Procrasination and failure to act will cost more in the long term than taking the best quality advice now.

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You can contact me to ask a question – or make an appointment by phoning me Direct – 02 9324 8834 – or by email:
Located at Level 6, 44 Market St, Sydney.

Sydney Financial Advisor - Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson is a member of the PSK Financial Services Group
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