My Background

I am a self employed Sydney based financial advisor with many years of experience and have successfully navigated clients through the various market cycles.

  • Back in my university days I financed part of my way through with stock market profits and various investment returns funded from part time jobs. In 1980 and 1987 I successfully picked the top of the investment bubbles.
  • Later with investment profits I financed a significant deposit on my home and afterwards an investment property.(see next point)
  • In 1997 I recognised the overheated markets and sold out before the Asian financial meltdown, using those profits to buy an investment property during the aftermath of the Asian GFC, when property prices dropped dramatically for 4-6 weeks.

In the 1999 tech boom I was day trading and retired from the market at its peak in    January 2000, well ahead of the “Tech Wreck” in April 2000.

After a number of years in different industries and also banking I made a change to become a financial advisor as a mid life career shift for the following reasons….

“… because I have seen how good budgeting and wise investing can make a huge difference to the wealth of an individual in their later years and directly influence their retirement lifestyle. You should never underestimate the power of compound investment returns on growth. My own parents retired on modest means but during their retirement continued to build their nest egg, through a well planned investment strategy.”

“I was dubious about the potential problems of ongoing growth of household debt and investment debt back in my banking days (1990s) and so I decided to focus on low debt investment strategies. I am also a proponent of investing ahead of the crowd not with the crowd.”

My philosophy is that the investment markets are fluid and there are always alternative strategies that can be used. If you missed the last bus (for whatever reason), there is another bus leaving every 30 minutes.

As a financial advisor I get great job satisfaction from seeing that the advice offered and implemented works for my clients. Along the way, we side step various potholes that are created by the investment markets and government policies.


-  B.Comm.  University NSW
-  Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance from the Securities Institute of Australia
-  Advance Diploma of Financial Services


- Developing pre retirement strategies both in and outside of SMSFs
- Maximising your Superannuation and Pension options
- Aged care planning (your parents or yourselves)
- Protecting your investments and assets
- Tax Effective Investment Strategies to maximise your returns

Location:   Level 6, 44 Market St. Sydney
Contact me on my direct line 02 9324 8834


Robert Dawson is a member of the PSK Financial Services Group
Trading as PSK Financial Services
Corporate Authorised Representative
Charter Financial Planning
ABN 35 002 976 294 AFS Licence No. 234665

Registered Office:  750 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000.
PO Box 2830 Melbourne Vic 3001