Why Use Robert ?

  • One of the greatest rewards I get from being a financial advisor is improving the quality of life for my clients – by helping them maximise their investments returns – or through tax effective savings strategies.
  • I was dubious about too much debt in the community and  amongst individuals in the 1990’s and felt it was time to help people manage their debts and their oncoming retirement.  My move into Financial Advising was to capitalise on my past investment experience and build a group of clients who would benefit from that. That is where I get my job satisfaction.

You are welcome to a complementary FREE first appointment to discuss your situation and find out what options may be available to you.

The Financial Advice Process:   How I work.

My approach and process is the recommended process required by ASIC and also recommended by the Financial Planning Association. This gives you confidence that a proper process is being used and your money is being well managed.

Rest assured you will be properly looked after.

  • The first appointment is FREE and carries no obligation, so that you and I can assess how best your personal situation can be improved.
  • Once both agreement on the big picture strategy and costs are established, a plan will be written for you, a Statement of Advice, outlining your situation and proposed strategy, with the agreed costs outlined in the plan.
  • During a second meeting (or the third if required) the SOA will be presented and a more detailed explanation of the steps to implementation and receiving your approval and authority to proceed before implementation.
  • Following implementation, confirmation of completion will be sent to you.
  • A review on a regular basis will be arranged so that the strategy and the implementation can be ensured to be effective and on track.