Investments for Young Achievers

What investments are best for you ? 
How do you get ahead and create a comfortable living  ?

So you may be under 40 and earning a good income. Flat sharing with friends or your partner… what to do about investing?  Or you may be at home – since the rents are a bit ridiculous at times. Again what to do about investing ?

You essentially have three assets types to invest in:  Listed in order of returns and
     1.   Cash and Fixed Interest 
     2.   Property
     3.   Shares in Australia and Overseas.

The long term average returns for shares are generally higher than for property, although the prices will fluctuate a great deal more.

We are now moving into a period of long term growth driven by the improved US economy. See my page under the Bull Market titled The Very Big Picture.

If you are trying to save and build investments over a 5 – 10 year period then building an investment portfolio of shares can give you a solid return on investment.  This can also be supplimented by some specialist managed funds with good track records.

Property tends to be used for those who wish to borrow, or who are happy to have a longer term lower return for less volatility. However, property in general tends to be quite highly priced so signficant growth over a 5 – 10 year period would seem quite limited.

If you would like to talk about investment opportunities and an approach that suits you call me to arrange an appointment and to discuss the options further.